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3 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Teeth This Halloween

With Halloween coming up, you might be wondering how to protect your child’s teeth from their annual trick-or-treating haul. We understand that enjoying candy can be half the fun of Halloween, so indulging slightly is to be expected. And while we don’t recommend going overboard on the sugary sweets, there are a few tips and … Continued

Suffering from Sensitive Teeth? Here are 4 Possible Reasons Why

Have you experienced pain and sensitivity when trying to drink a cold beverage or eat hot soup? If so, you’re not alone! In fact, 57% of the population deals with this same issue. However, the cause of your dental sensitivity could vary. Ultimately, it is in your best interest to schedule your next dentist appointment … Continued

5 Things You Should Know About Flossing

We know that flossing can be considered tedious, but it is also very important! Here are just five reasons not to skip this vital step in your daily routine. 1. Flossing is critical for fighting tooth decay. As you likely already know, flossing helps you to remove food from between your teeth and gums. However, … Continued

5 Reasons To Schedule Your Next Teeth Cleaning

Did you know that, according to the American Dental Association, it is recommended that you visit your dentist every six months? This allows you to receive regular oral health exam and professional cleanings! You might be surprised to learn that having your teeth cleaned every six months is actually quite important for a myriad of … Continued

Root Canal Warning Signs

Do you think you might have a deep infection within the tooth? If so, you may be in need of a root canal procedure. While the only surefire way to know if you need a root canal is to visit your dentist, there are a few telltale signs you can be on the lookout for. … Continued