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Dr. Clinton Photo

Priscilla Clinton hails from the vibrant city of Chicago. Growing up in the suburban charm of Chicago, she attended high school in Plainfield before pursuing higher education. She holds degrees from Clark Atlanta University and Indiana University School of Dentistry, laying a strong foundation for her career in dentistry.

With a compassionate demeanor and a knack for professionalism, Priscilla is known among her peers for her empathy, kindness, and adventurous spirit. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role, coupled with a commitment to providing excellent patient education and care.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Priscilla finds joy in spending quality time with her beloved daughter, Skylar, and cherishing moments with her extensive family network. She enjoys exploring new destinations through travel, delving into the pages of captivating books, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular workouts.

In her professional journey, Priscilla aims to continually enhance her clinical skills while upholding the values of respect and professionalism. She thrives in a team-oriented environment, where collaboration and shared goals drive success. Priscilla believes in the power of effective communication, preferring face-to-face discussions for important matters and utilizing tools like sticky notes for urgent messages in the clinical setting.