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Did you know that, according to the American Dental Association, it is recommended that you visit your dentist every six months? This allows you to receive regular oral health exam and professional cleanings! You might be surprised to learn that having your teeth cleaned every six months is actually quite important for a myriad of reasons. Don’t believe us? Check out these five benefits you’ll enjoy just by receiving your regular professional cleaning.

1. Avoid Tooth Decay

Many people find themselves visiting the dentist to remedy dental pain as a result of cavities. However, with regular professional cleanings, you can avoid the painful symptoms of tooth decay as well as the hassle of receiving restorative dental work (i.e. fillings). During your cleaning, we will remove the plaque that releases acids on your dental enamel to keep your teeth cavity-free.

2. Remove Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration can be difficult to avoid. A wide array of habits can leave stains on your teeth—from drinking your daily cup of coffee, to smoking cigarettes, to even enjoying citrus fruits! These stains can be tough to remove and, therefore, may require professional assistance. With your regular visits to the dentist, we will clean and polish your teeth to make them look good as new.

3. Prevent Gum Disease

Did you know that gum disease impacts around 75% of Americans over the age of of 35? Many patients don’t even know they have it! When plaque builds up along the gum line, it leads to an infection of the gums called gingivitis. This is the first stage of gum disease and, if left untreated, can develop into a significant oral health issue. Luckily, gum disease is easily prevented with regular visits to your dentist. By receiving a regular professional cleaning, you can reduce the plaque buildup along your gum line and prevent gum disease from taking hold.

4. Freshen Your Breath

Halitosis, or bad breath, can be caused by any number of issues. However, the most common culprit is the bacteria hiding between your teeth and gums. This is particularly the case if you have tartar buildup — a dark, calcified substance that forms when plaque is not removed — as this can trap the bacteria and make it difficult to clean. Tartar must be cleaned off by a dental professional, as it requires a special technique called scaling to remove it from the surface of your teeth. Therefore, with your professional cleaning, you can remove these trapped bacteria and make your breath smell fresh again!

5. Save Money

While many patients choose to forgo routine cleanings to keep some extra money in their pockets, this is actually hurting their bank accounts in the long run! Preventative care is much less expensive than the dental work that is required to remedy oral health issues that have been ignored—like severe tooth decay or periodontal disease, for example. By receiving regular cleanings, examinations, and screenings, you can stop problems before they can take hold—and save yourself some money in the process!

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