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You’ve Lost Your Tooth! Here’s What to Do

If you’ve knocked out your tooth, it is important to act quickly. In fact, if you get to your dentist’s office right away, you can actually re-implant your natural tooth into its original place. That said, it is important you recover and transport your tooth correctly, or you could risk damaging it in the process. … Continued

“Should I Go to The Dentist?” Here’s How to Know

Wondering if you might be due for another check-up at the dentist? If you meet any of the following criteria, be sure to schedule your next appointment as soon as possible! 1. When your teeth are hypersensitive… Hypersensitivity to heat and cold can be a warning sign from your teeth. It could potentially be a … Continued

7 Common Reasons You Could Be at Risk for Teeth Grinding

Did you know that around 30-40 million people in the United States experience bruxism? Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can be quite painful and cause serious damage to your teeth. If you suffer from this oral health condition, you may notice your teeth beginning to flatten, swelling and muscle pain around the jaw, and even clicking … Continued

“What is Tartar?” Your Questions Answered!

So you may have heard of tartar and know that it is bad for your teeth—but what exactly is tartar? By understanding the cause of tartar and (more importantly) how to prevent it, you can greatly improve your oral health. That’s why we’ve answered your most pressing questions about it. With these important facts, you … Continued

3 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Teeth This Halloween

With Halloween coming up, you might be wondering how to protect your child’s teeth from their annual trick-or-treating haul. We understand that enjoying candy can be half the fun of Halloween, so indulging slightly is to be expected. And while we don’t recommend going overboard on the sugary sweets, there are a few tips and … Continued